Return policy (apparel)

Return policy

If you don’t find the received product to your liking, if it isn’t the right size or if it differs from the ordered product, you may return it.
You have 15 (fifteen) days, as of the day you receive the product, to return it.

In order to return a product, you must include the purchase receipt or invoice, which is found in the parcel the product was sent in.

Return and exchange policy (accessories)
If the you don’t like the accessory you received (bag or coin purse) you may change it for the same item of a different colour, or return it, within 15 (fifteen) days of the reception of the product.

We accept the return of items, with no additional costs (provided that the item is sill in its original condition), according to the following rules.

An item returned within 15 days of the parcel delivery date or the parcel being available to be collected, shall be refunded completely via same payment method used to place the order.

PLEASE NOTE: an item returned after 15 days of the date the parcel was delivered or available to be collected, shall be refunded with a Gift Coupon worth the same amount paid for the item.
All returned items must be sent in their original packaging, including the tag.
We shall not accept returned unwanted items after the timeframe indicated above. If you return an item after the set deadline, we may have to send it back to the sender (namely to the default address indicated in the account) and request payment of the delivery costs.
Delivery receipt
The returned item shall be under the responsibility of the sender until our warehouse receives it, therefore make sure you always request the receipt of the delivery of your returned items, should we ever need to check it. The address of our warehouse is the following: Victoria Torlonia s.r.l., Via della Conciliazione no. 30, 00193 ROME.

The items you want to return shall be under your responsibility until our warehouse receives it, so make sure you package it carefully, to prevent possible damages during the transportation.
Victoria Torlonia s.r.l. shall not be held liable for items returned by mistake, nor can we guarantee that it shall be possible to identify the items returned by mistake, owing to the size of our warehouse and the amount of returned items we receive every day. However, should it be possible to find your item and should you want it back, we may have to ask you to pay for the delivery.
Appropriate use
In the event of an unusual, not appropriate return (for example, if there are grounded doubts as to the fact that the clothing item has been worn before being returned, or if there is an excess quantity of returned items), we may have to disable the account and any other account associated with it. Should this happen to you and you reckon we were wrong, please send us an email at

I received a flawed product
Bear in mind that most of our products are handmade in artisans’ workshops and any difference of the product compared to the website picture is part of their characteristics.
However, if you think you have received a flawed product, return it as soon as possible in order to allow us to solve the problem. Don’t forget to select “Damaged item delivered” (meaning flawed) as the reason for returning the item.
You shall be contacted by our customer care service and you may decide whether you want to be refunded or change the item, following a preliminary inspection by the staff in charge.
Has the item to be returned been worn several times? Bear in mind that all items are inspected as soon as they are delivered to the warehouse, and those that show signs of wear rather than a manufacturing defect may not be refunded.

Additional information:

Once your returned item has been processed, you shall receive an email confirming your refund.
If you wish to return items purchased in different orders, we ask you to send them in separate packages, respecting the orders placed.
We shall refund the price you paid on the bank account originally used for purchasing the item (this also goes for items on sale). The amount shall be available again on your bank account within 10 (ten) calendar days of the refund date.

Returning an item is easy and free-of-charge:

Use the label

Affix the prepaid return label you received along with your order (you can find it on the Return Form inside the package) on the parcel to be sent.

Fill in the form
Fill in the Return Form you received along with your order and put it in the parcel with the item to be returned.